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Brainobrain has helped in Escalation of concentration span + listening skills. Enhancement of overall personality. Increased interest in maths. She could visualize abacus and perform mental calculation. There has been an increase in speed of calculation as well. Her ability to concentrate has improved considerably.


Parents of Shivani Sachin Nirgudkar, 8yrs.
Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Increase in concentration and accuracy in daily works. Brainobrain influenced change in her behaviour, self confidence has developed. She is able to recall what has been heard once.

Parents of Ankita S. Pillai, 9yrs.
TMS, Dubai.


Brainobrain has helped improve the knowledge level, handling the sums, tackling the tasks and solving the problems efficiently and effectively. Sharpness in mind blowing activites, very good attitude etc,. gets improved.

Parents of Priadarshini, 7yrs.
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


Brainobrain has helped her to learnt to sit in one place and study, her concentration is good now. Her logical thinking has improved.


Parents of Rajul Thadani, 7yrs.
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


His concentration span has improved as well his speed in doing his work/activity. Thanks to Brainobrain.


Parents of Tushar Suresh, 7yrs
Delhi Private School, Sharjah.


Brainobrain has helped improve his concentration, and also he has done better in maths this time.

Parents of Aayush Jain, 10yrs.
Our Own English High School, Abu Dhabi


Brainobrain has helped her in improving her Concentraion. She is able to read things very quickly.

Parents of S. Ritica, 8yrs.
The Emirates National School, Dubai.


He has improved his memory power. He can add very fast now campared to previous year. He can do addition, subtraction and multiplication easily. His concentration level has improved, all because of Brainobrain.


Parents of Hrishikesh Sen, 10yrs.
The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai.


Good behavior and Brainobrain has helped her make many Friends.


Parents of Yazhini.s ,7yrs.
Abu Dhabi Indian school,  Abu Dhabi


She has shown overall improvement, good in memory. Improvement in spelling English words. She is becoming bold, before she was little shy. Now she is mingling with other children.


Parents of Chinmayi Belagavi, 8yrs.
The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai.


She has become more accurate. Also speed has increased compared to previous level. Brainobrain has helped in her overall improvement and of course Maths has become her favourite subject.

Parents of Purvi Desai, 8yrs
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


Brainobrain has helped him develop speed in writing and calculation etc., His concentration in studies has increased.


Parents of Jerry George Jaimon, 8yrs.
Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah


After attending Brainobrain Classes now she is able to learn lessons by reading two or three times unlike before she could not learn after many times of reading.

Parents of Nishita Narayanan, 13yrs.
New Indian Model School, Dubai.


Likes to play around with numbers. Brainobrain has instilled confidence in her.

Parents of Samreen Kidwai, 12yrs.
Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Her concentration has improved. She is able to cover all the subject everyday 15 minutes technique. Her interest to studies has improved. Brainobrain teachers are excellent, they teach her with lots of patience. Thanks to Brainobrain.

Parents of Brinda, 8yrs.
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


His mental maths has improved a lot and he can do addition, subtraction of big numbers what his class kids are not able to do. I am more than satisfied with Brainobrain Academy.

Parents of Samarth Rai, 7yrs.
Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Brainobrain has helped him to retain what he has learnt. He had reached the Semi-finals in Look who’s Answering (G.K) which is definitely proof of memory improvement. This program is very good and helped my son.


Parents of Ashwin Sudheer, 8yrs.
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


An improvement in his analytical skills and mental ability. Please continue to execute your excellence. Kudos to Brainobrain.

Parents of Anurag Dathatreya, 11yrs.
Delhi Private School, Dubai.


Brainobrain had made him energetic and enthusiastic Speed and accuracy in Solving problems. He is able to concentrate well. Memory is more focused. Tends to improve his skills, attending multiple skills with interest. Became proficient in calculations and vocabulary.


Parents of Arnav Arun, 13yrs
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


An improvement in concentration has been noted. He has become more confident at peer interaction. Our sincere thanks to Brainobrain for their efforts in his developments. He has become very Bold, Confident and Extrovert, earlier he was a quite introvert child.


Parents of Kevin Sam Mathew, 7yrs.
Our Own English High School, Sharjah


Her performance in weekly tests is very good irrespective of subject. She shows keen interest in sports and extra curriculum activities. Her grasping power and analytical skills have shown improvement after joining Brainobrain Course.


Parents of Sarah E.Mathew, 12yrs.
Delhi Private School, Sharjah.


He become excellent in studies. His confidence level improved a lot. All because of Brainobrain.

Parents of Roshan.M, 8yrs.
The Indian High School, Dubai.


She has done really well not only in Abacus but also in her school. She has become more analytical. We appreciate Brainobrain for the change in her.


Parents of Kavya Malhotra, 9yrs.
Delhi Private School, Sharjah


She has improved in her concentration and she is able to sit and concentrate more than one hour which she wasn’t doing earlier. Thanks to Brainobrain.

Parents of Padma Priya Murali, 13yrs.
Our Own English High School, Dubai.


After joining Brainobrain course we have seen a remarkable change in his attitude. Started finishing sums faster and finds time to cross check. Shows more interest in studies and increased memory.


Parents of Abhiram Aroop, 10yrs.
The Emirates National School, Dubai.


Brainobrain has helped her become more alert and her concentration has improved and has become more attentive. She grasps things faster and her confidence level has become higher.


Parents of Adhya Pai, 7yrs.
The Kindergarten Starters, Sharjah


He has improved a lot and stands among the top rankers of his class, after joining Brainobrain he has become more confident overall.


Parents of Harsh Gupta, 11yrs.
Our Own English High School, Dubai.


Good in studies. She has the confidence to lead assemblies She has improved in her subjects. Grateful to Brainobrain for instilling this in her.


Parents of Rihana Suhail,10yrs.
Our Own English High School, Dubai.



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