s of Eminent Personalities


Dr kiran Bedi


“ I thank Brainobrain for the brilliance that you are giving to our children. You are reviving our genes and heritage. I don’t have enough words to say. This is just what is needed. I wish I had also learnt it as a child.

I congratulate Brainobrain, the Nation thanks you and I, as a citizen of the country, thank the parents who are investing time on their own children”.

... - Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, First woman IPS officer of India



Rakesh Sharma


“I am thrilled to watch Brainobrain kids… 35% to 40% of NASA Scientists are of Indian origin. And, when I see the Brainobrain kids, I know that the future of the country is in safe hands. I could see Brainobrain is making a strong future generation”.

..- Wg.Cdr. Rakesh Sharma, First Indian Cosmonaut






“Brainobrain children are great. It is a wonderful experience. You are solving complicated sums in zip of a time. What a great achievement is this! This country will definitely be greener. And you all are putting them in the right path. Hats off to Brainobrain”.

... - Padmashree S.P. Balasubrahmanyam





Sue Knight


"...With a structured syllabus they teach the children how to do complex mathematics using at first an abacus but subsequently to do the same with their mental agility only. What is the point you might ask in a world where computers can do the most complex calculation in response to a single key stoke. The trainers and the facilitators in Brainobrain do much more than teach the children to do clever maths. The children learn to memorise the abacus moves in their muscles so that the abacus itself becomes redundant. And in so doing they are also learning how to use their whole body to learn and simultaneously build motivation, a sense of competition and a belief in themselves. Brainobrain is rebuilding the Indian heritage of thinking power and as such they are building the leaders of the future not just for India but for the whole world..."

- Sue Knight, UK International Trainer




Dr. Y.S. Rajan


“Brainobrain is tuning your brain; I am amazed to see how much you are fine tuning your mental resources. You will be able to do and handle many more imaginative things. This is valuable. I appreciate all the teachers for the yeoman service!”

- Dr. Y.S. Rajan, Principle Advisor of CII,
Co-author of India Vision 2020 with Dr. Abdul Kalam




NR Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor - Infosys


"Children from Brainobrain demonstrate extraordinary powers and do things that they all thought was impossible. This is what makes us more confident. Yes, if Brainobrain children are determined to do something they can indeed achieve it. I have no doubt, these children, with their discipline, commitment, focus, confidence, joy & hope - will make this a better country & better world".

- NR Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor - Infosys




Padmashree Syed Kirmani


“I know this is possible only with right span of attention and trained mental faculties. Indeed, Brainobrain is a panacea for the children to face today’s competitive world and as aptly said, The right turn to mind power”.

- Padmashree Syed Kirmani, International Cricketer



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