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There are a lot of new ways of learning that has evolved in the last few decades and there are very less chances that these innovative ways will reach to your children, as children are very much absorbed in their school studies & exams, these days. This leadership camp is aimed at helping your children with some modern ways of learning to learn. The leadership camps that we conducted last year have been highly successful and most of the parents found that it is an life changing experience for their child. We are very proud to present these NLP based leadership camps again this year.


The focus of the camp is to help children master leadership skills at a very young age, so that they can really make a difference at home, at school or where ever they go. The training will be in a very informal way with loads of fun & laughter, as we challenge your child to change for the better. Our trainers for these programmes are hand-picked and trained with great care. Hence we offer these courses in select locations only. We take only 15 children in a batch. So hurry your registrations now!



Outcomes :


To help your child know about his/her mind and to learn to think in a way he/she continuously take responsiblity for happenings around him/her and to learn continuously from that.

• To help your child learn the foundation skills of leadership so that he/she can know what it takes to be a world class inspiring leader.

To learn the world's most modern concepts of communication and to connect respectfully with each and every person in his/her life and get what he/she want.

To learn your patterns of excellence and to nurture them in a way you are celebrated as a model of excellence, where ever you go.

To understand your limiting patterns and to challenge them in a way that you truly grow beyond  what you are and make a difference to people around you as a vivid learner.

To learn how to use your language to influence yourself and others all the time on a win-win basis.

• To learn about modern methods of Goal Setting and how you can continuously adjust yourself and your goals to catch up with the changes in time and achieve what you want in your life.





Feedback from some of our old participants :


I think they taught us how to become a leader and how to attract people. They taught us many things about how to become a nice leader

                                                                               - Vishesh Gaur, 9 years

I think this leadership camp is excellent for learning and everybody enjoys here. When I did not join this camp, I was very lazy and now I have become much active.

                                                                                - Satyankar , 10 years


I have changed my behaviour like my hot temper. Now I am polite

                                                                                           - Rhea, 8 years

It is good, gives confidence to speak on the stage, helps to improve our knowledge and develops our mind. They teach the topics very clearly.

                                                                                        - Kanika, 8 years

I have changed in many ways from this camp...for eg. my confidence level has changed. First I was not able to come up and speak in my class and by joining this camp, I have improved that also. First I was also very angry, but now I am not at all angry. If anyone beats me, I will tell him not to beat me, instead of beating him back.

                                                                            - Aakritu Bagri, 10 years


We learnt that a leader should always respect others truth. We learnt that whatever we think is always incomplete, compared to the real truth. We learnt what is interpretation and what is a fact. We also learnt that every one's truth is the biggest truth for himself or herself.

                                                                      - Nibhrant Maitreya, 10years

I have changed with this leadership camp to be confident, learnt how to achieve our goal, express our views, how to be a leader. I learnt to learn some vocabulary, to go into some one's shoes to think what they are thinking....

                                                                                     - Prakhar, 11 years


I am being more specific in my language...I know the qualities to become a leader...I have improved my confidence a lot...I can understand others feelings..I think this camp is very useful for learnings life skills. It provides a lot of information and makes us think. It is very interesting!

                                                                             - R.N. Abhigna, 11 years


I have increased my concentration power. I have become responsible. I learned how to achieve a goal. Sometime the goal which is chosen by you may not be achievable. So while choosing the goal, we should chose three other options.

                                                                                     - Sarthak, 12 years


Excellent...The most important thing they gave is the word "How" and its use. They taught us in a wonderful way...for eg. they did not tell us any direct statement, but they actually told stories to get to the deep of that statement. NLP should spread all over the country and give its precious knowledge. NLP has a great power. I wonder where they get stories so deep in knowledge about leadership. I have improved my will power. I have become a peaceful person and have stopped my mischievous behaviour. The biggest change in me is I become from "Rishabh" to a "Leader Rishabh'...Pleaasseee increase the duration of the camp, when it is put up again.

                                                                           - Rishabh Garg, 13 years


To be honest, before this camp I had never actually set a strong goal. Yes! I had read and heard about all this, but never put it into action. But after this camp, I now have set down goals and further through the camp I know exactly what I had to do to achieve them. Also I now know how to keep hold of friendships and how to control them. To give one word for this camp, I will say this camp is "BRILLIANT"

                                                                                        - Dhruv, 13 years




Cost :


The cost of this Leadership is roughly around Dhs.500/- per child. The exact price depends on the place and the duration. Please leave us a message Click here, if you are interested and we will get in touch with you regarding the exact price.


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